Beauty Talk: Do u need all those Expensive/Several Cosmetic products??


Expensive/ Luxurious/ Several SkinCare Cosmetic products are NOT AT ALL necessary !!

Just yesterday, I was watching TV, and came across this show called 'Dr OZ Show' and came to know abt some few things abt the skin care products..related to the decades everyone passes by.

Click here to view it by yourself.

It just claims that putting on several products like serums, toners, creams, lotions... etc etc..are not at all necessary..or to say, not at all required.

What u really need: (no matter what ur age is)
1: Just a moisturiser ( a good drugstore brand) is enought for normal/dry skin, with SPF
2: Milk of Magnesia, instead of those pretty face packs, to remove/clean the excess oil on face.

Just the time, when im thinking of to get some few more products to deal with my skin. Aah..!!Finally in peace!!


  1. hey good mrng, whats milk of magnesia

  2. Really! That's it? 2 prdts? what about facewash?.. Actually it is right in way, sometimes we overload our skin with too many things - that it becomes super sensitive & reacts :)

  3. @Rentu..
    Milk of magnesia is known to absorb dirt and oil..much like Multani mitti..Most of the brands mix this 'milk of Magnesia' in multana mitti face boost out pretty results..
    Google it for more info..

  4. @Tanveer.. no..u need a face wash too..
    but i meant to use only one 'Mege moisturiser' instead of serums, emulsions, lotions....
    Honstley, Ive seen several youtube videos, where the beauty enthus keeps puting on and on several products.. i point to those issues..

  5. all these years i have been wasting money only:(

    nice blog :)

  6. Hey Anamika..
    Nice to find u.. :)

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