Blog Award..

Bhumika from 'New Love' gave me this award..
So trying to post it over here.. :p

Okay now i tag get this award and post it back in ur blog. :)

Now on to my useless ramblings..How would u feel if the climate out is cloudy, dark, cold??
I feel so lazy, drousy, and some times even depressed.. :( Now im in that state....came here to blog some stuff, but im just lacking the energy to do it.. However, im pulling out some few Things-to-do back at home, like steaming up my face and do a Facepack over. But not sure how am i going to do, with this state-of-lazyness seeding in...

Anyways..How us week going..??


  1. hey there, did you try the rava idli...let me know if it worked out, if it gives a prblem, just keep the microwave on for 10 mins..and then turn off the microwave, and keep this batter in it for 20 mins... I generally do this to my batter when its too cold here

  2. im coming to ur blog.. :)


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