Whats Ur SkinId ??

Okay..I mean "Whats ur Skin Id, if urs is acne-prone..??" To put short, Skin Id is kinda another departmental extension related to Neutrogena, that targets especially the serious acne issues.

[Clicking the image will take u there]

Ive came across this a few months back, when I was severely attacked by ACNE monster. Seriously, Ive tried every other product that my Dermatologist prescribed..but nothing worked for me. Its only until, i came across this corner,where i thought 'Why not?' And there I go. Im just going on and on with these products right now!

So Whats Ur Skin Id? Have u been there anytime earlier??
Let me know how it worked for u, if uve tried them at somepoint or the other..
Okay..Thats all for today..

NOTE: Im not paid to post anything abt this. Im posting this just to share what worked for me.

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