Bellepedia is back now..

Hello everyone..Hows everyone doing..?? Good!! Gud.
Now its been several months almost like 8-9 months since ive last blogged. Most of the people who come to Bellepedia might think that this blog is going to be abandoned. Why for that sake..i thought bad for not being able to blog in for myself. I miss blog-reading, commenting, chit-chatting with beauty bloggers and getting the motivation to all things beauty related.. :(

Anyways..everything happens for a reason. And now the reason being 'MY WEDDING'..Yes..Ive got married and its THE change in my life...everything from my single-dom to committed/married status...change of place...change of country...change of lifestyle..everything that sucked me from blogging. So to put in straight,Ive had a lot of changes in life...abt which lot of married women might understand what I exactly mean.

Whatever I ramble abt, let me put them aside and today im feeling very much motivated to start blogging over again. And very much pleased to see that there are several desi bloggers blomming that i couldnt notice an year ago. Cheers!!

Okay..thats all for now..
Il be back tomorrow with some review may be..(ive tried lots n lots of new products) or some other tips that i came to know during my wedding-preperation period. And to add more..Im going to post few recipes as well... (yeah..ive started cooking as

Ciao Babes..!!


  1. hey many congratulations, and happy blogging, do put in your pre marriage and post marriage beauty regime, would be helpful to people...and looking fwd to many posts from you

  2. Hey Rentu..
    Thank u..and defntly post my beauty regime sometime.. :)

  3. Congrats on getting married Belle!
    I used to read your blog several months ago, but stopped after you stopped updating. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that you've started updating again. glad you're back:)

  4. Congrats Belle! & welcome back :D


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