Searching 4: The perfect Mousse Foundation

Now-a-days im just searching here and there, reading several reviews, regarding which Mousse foundation or Tinted moisturiser is good in the market.

My Current product:
PONDS Age Miracle Tinted moisturiser.

But the place that I live, I couldnt find it and its about to hit pan. So, moving on to get other one.

My Priorities are:
  • A liquid air whipped liquid mousse or a tinted moisturizer
  • Thats easy to spread or apply
  • That gives out a DEWY Glow to the face
  • Medium coverage is enough for me.
  • Reasonably priced. No Expensive brands pls. A good drugstore brand will do.
  • Non-comodogenic ; Safe for Acne prone and Sensitive skin
  • That doesnt rub off.
And at present im eying on these:
  • Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation
  • CoverGirl CG Smoother
  • Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup
Please suggest me, if u got anything else in mind.
Thats all..


  1. hmmm...If you're in India, I would suggest that you try Biotique's tinted moisturizers. A lot of bloggers have given them a thumbs up.

    Also, Lotus herbals has a foundation that is not expensive. It has a dark coloured foundation in 1 compartment and a white coloured lotion in another. You're supposed to mix both to achieve your perfect colour. Not great if ou're in a hurry, but it definitely looks nice.

  2. hey belle..ders an award for u on my blog...check it out..

  3. I haven't tried any that you mention in the list. Lakme too has some magic soffle, you could try that. I have read mixed reviews for that. Some people love it, others hate it.

  4. lotus is a good one, if you have oily skin

  5. @Poohkie..TY..but i dont live in i find it a bit expensive to order indian-made products to order online n do the shipping.. :(

    Thanks do it asap..

    Ye...ive tried that..its called 'face magic daily wear shouffle' and i pretty much liked it..

    i couldnt get that at the place i live..and mine is dry skin :(

  6. hey if u r looking for mousse type foundation try revlon mineral mousse foundation and its perfect for daytime wear and also for oily skin. stumbled upon ur blog. its lovely. :)


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